Wellsboro, Indiana

Wellsboro, Indiana

41 29' 52" N, 86 45' 54" W

October 26, 2007 11:15 EDT

As my first trip to be cataloged on GRRails, I chose the up-and-coming junction located in the rural town of Wellsboro, Indiana, just outside of Union Mills. Here, the double track mainline of CSX, former B&O, from Chicago to the East Coast, cross Canadian National's former Grand Trunk Western double track from Port Huron (near Detroit). Also here, a former Pere Marquette branch comes up from the south and connects to the CSX main line. The Pere Marquette line used to go up from La Crosse, Indiana up into Michigan. It was tore up north of Wellsboro due to the small amount of traffic, coupled with the fact that four extra diamonds were expensive to maintain. There is parking in the southeast quadrant of the crossing, accessable from Hamilton St., where B St. connects. There, there is a good view of the CSX line in front of you, and the CN line coming from the southwest and going northeast. Both southern quadrants have equipment that belongs to CSX, so stay back from those. Basically, the northern quadrants are inaccessable, except by crossing the tracks illegally. While there, I saw four trains, three on CSX and one on CN. Below is a list of locomotives that I saw.

Railroad Model Number Time
CSX C40-8W 7878 11:15 EDT
CSX SD40-2 8879 11:15 EDT
CN SD70M-2 8001 11:31 EDT
CN C44-9W 2658 11:31 EDT
CN SD40-3 5946 11:31 EDT
CSX C40-8W 7381 11:39 EDT
CSX C40-8 7632 11:39 EDT
CSX ES44DC 5397 15:08 EDT
CSX ES44DC 5359 15:08 EDT

Just to note, there were trains between 11:45 and 15:00, it was just that I was 23 miles south investigating a lead on a railroad museum in North Judson, Indiana. The museum turned out to be the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum. It was apparently open, but there wasn't anyone around. I swiftly moved in and took some photos of their equipment. My personal favorite of what they had there would have to be the fromer Pullman Troop Sleeper. I really like the Allied Full Cusion trucks that they have. There was also a sign saying that they were in progress of restoring a C&O K4 Kanawha-Class 2-8-4, number 2789.

Just another note, when there, the last train that went by had some CSX Intermodal containers in a blue/gold paint scheme. I was under the impression that CSX Intermodal containers were white/blue, but that's just me.

Final Review: Well, as being the first one I've been to, I thought it was quite nice. Small town, many tracks, open area to watch trains; not much better. I give it 8/10; I would like it if their was more trains, and more warning of trains coming east, as the only road crossing west of the crossing is a few miles away. The last train basically snuck up on me. Westbounds aren't a problem.