Dolton, Illinois

Dolton, Illinois

41 38' 27" N, 87 36' 44" W

April 8, 2009 11:00 EDT

This has been on my list of places I've wanted to go, but having gone to Blue Island a long time ago, I never really bothered to go here because of its proximity. This crossing didn't let me down when it came to volume of trains, despite rumors I'd heard floating around the railroad community about drastically decreased traffic levels in some places. Here's the layout of the junction (and surronding area): running north-south is UP's Villa Grove Subdivision running into and out of Yard Centre (that is a cool name); the southern track running east-west is IHB's mian line, with Blue Island Yard just to the west of the crossing; and the northern east-west track belongs to CSX Transportation, coming through the crossing, then angling sharp to the north-west, ending up in CSX's Barr Yard. I positioned myself in the parking lot of the Dolton City Council (I think), right in the place to view all three lines. There was no problems for me or any of the other three railfans that were there the day I was with any law enforcement, etc. While I was there, I saw (a record) 20 trains (23 if you count duplicates), totaling 36 locomotives (yet another record). Here's what I saw...

Railroad Model Number Time
CSX GP38-2 2543 11:00 EDT
CSX GP15T 1508 11:00 EDT
BNSF C44-9W 5358 11:03 EDT
CSX GP15-1 1551 11:27 EDT
UP C41-8W 9463 11:34 EDT
UP SD70MAC 3936 11:34 EDT
CSX C40-8W 7802 11:51 EDT
CSX ES44DC 5453 11:51 EDT
CSX C40-8W 7711 12:10 EDT
CSX C40-8W 7854 12:10 EDT
CSX C40-8W 7377 12:33 EDT
CSX SD70MAC-T1 4765 12:33 EDT
CSX GP15T 1506 12:48 EDT
CSX ES44DC 5450 12:59 EDT
CSX ES44DC 5284 12:59 EDT
NS C40-9W 9637 13:05 EDT
NS C40-9W 9033 13:05 EDT
CP ES44AC 8738 13:27 EDT
IHB SD38-2 3862 13:42 EDT
IHB SD20 2923 13:42 EDT
UP SD70M 5186 13:52 EDT
UP SD70M 4914 13:52 EDT
BNSF SD70MAC 9774 14:01 EDT
IC SD70 1038 14:01 EDT
UP ES44AC 7809 14:13 EDT
UP SD70M 5006 14:13 EDT
UP SD70M 4158 14:31 EDT
UP SD70M 4987 14:31 EDT
CSX ES44DC 5357 14:34 EDT
CSX ES44DC 5410 14:34 EDT
CSX AC44CW 367 14:49 EDT
CSX AC44CW 145 14:49 EDT
UPY GP15-1 643 15:04 EDT
CSX AC44CW 471 15:39 EDT
CSX SD40-2 8120 15:39 EDT
CSX GP40-2 6110 15:39 EDT

While I was there, I saw 4/5ths of the GP15's I've ever seen, and my first CSX YN3 AC44CW (yes, after almost four years of keeping track, I have now). Also, I saw some of CSX's new "How America Moves" 53' containers, so I can finally pick up a pack of HO models of those, too.

Here are the pictures I took while there. (Thanks of course to

Final Review: For a grade this is probably the best you could want in a crossing, save for some better legal angles (I stress legal, there was a person that ignored IHB's Do Not Tresspass sign and went over the south-east connecting track, into that quadrant). The UP is a little ways away, but for most intents, that's fine. The CSX and IHB lines have no obstructions near the crossing, making for some nice pictures (which I'll put online eventually). Final grade: 9.5/10.