Model Railroading

Model Railroading is one of the larger facets of the railroad hobby. There's a wealth of knowledge out there on the topic, and here I intend to forward some of the tips I've found useful onto my followers.


October 27, 2009 15:57 EDT

Currently, I model in HO scale (1:87.1, 1'≈.137"). I'm currently working on a 5'9' layout based around a semi-fictional coal hauling route. I have a Athearn Genesis SD70MAC (CSX), two Atlas Trainman GP38-2 (CSX, also), an Athearn Amtrak P42, and a few Athearn Blue-Box SD40-2 (Two StL&H, one MRL, one ATSF, and one to be HLCX) for power on my railroad. My rolling stock fleet consists of a rather odd assortment of equipment:

  • -Five Athearn CSX Coalporters
  • -An Athearn TTRX 3-Unit 57' Spine Car (with three CSX 53' Containers)
  • -A Walthers 53' NSC Well Car (w/ 48' CSX/SL Container)
  • -A Walthers 48' Thrall Well car (w/ 40' Maersk Sealand Container)
  • -An Athearn CSX 50' Boxcar
  • -A Walthers TTOX Front Runner (w/ TransAmerica 45' Trailer)
  • -An Athearn GATX NACC 8K Gallon 'Beer Can' Tank Car
  • -An Accurail C&O Covered Hopper
  • -An Athearn Model Railroader 65th Anniversary 86' Boxcar
  • -A Walthers QTTX 81' 8-Axle Depressed Center Flatcar
  • -A Walthers Amtrak Viewliner Sleeper
  • -A Walthers ETTX/ATSF Autorack
  • -Two Bowser Schneider Roadrailers/53' Trailers
  • -Three Cabeese (Walthers CSX, Athearn Chessie System, Bachmann CSX)
  • -An Athearn CSX Mill Gondola (with pole load)
  • -Two Athearn Roadway Wedge Trailers