The Overview

May 12, 2009 21:47 EDT

Locomotion, a game created by the brilliant mind behind Rollercoaster Tycoon (1, 2, and 3), among others, Chris Sawyer, is the other rail-based game that I play. You start out as a beginning transport company, using planes, trucks, boats, trams, and most usually in my case, trains, working your way though scenarios throughout time and space. The cool thing about it is that somebody has figured out how to use MSTS models as the basis for new Locomotion 'sprites' (the in-game trains). There are plenty of add-on packs (free, of course) for Locomotion based off of these models, including famous passenger trains of the past (Aerotrain, Super Chief, et. al.), modern freight power, and Amtrak consists (Acela and Superliners, with California cars). Here is where you can find these add-ons (under PlastikMan). Eventually, I hope to put some of my own here, too, if I can ever get one of my own creations to work...


May 15, 2009 15:51 EDT

This is going to be a long section, so be prepared. The tutorial will basically cover the railroad aspect of Locomotion, given the site is based off of trains. Behind some of the instuctions, there will be a link to a screen-cap showing what I did. These can be helpful if you can't find something.

First of all, if you want to follow along somewhat to what I'm saying, you'll have to download the Tutorial scenario. You'll need the North American Mega-Pack from here. Make a back-up of your object data folder before running the NAMP .exe. After you get that, just click the scenario open it, and Locomotion will boot. When it gets to the welcome screen, there will be a message that "the scenario has be loaded" (or something to that effect).

In order to start the "GRRails Tutorial" scenario, go to "New Game", and under the Beginner tab you'll find it. Double click on it and it will start. You'll be greeted with this screen. You can choose your avatar by clicking on the picture and scrolling through the list until you find one that suits you. I usually prefer Freddie Fiddlestick, for no real reason more than that he looks smart and logical. You can also change the colors of your company from this window, go to the tab with the paint brush, and click on the color swatches next to "Main Color Scheme". You'll notice that you have a couple million dollars to use. This is the capital you have to build your routes.