1:380 Scale Graphics

This scale came about from (personal) frustrations in the differences in style of the V-Scale Graphics community (most everyone had a different style of designing, making the drawings not look good together as much as if they'd been done to the same standards). Anyways, I got bored one day and started work on this scale (and changing it periodically to take in account my inability to do simple math when it comes to the naming of these things). Eventually, I hope to have an actual following of this scale and see it used else where, but until then, enjoy my work.

Most Recent Updates/Uploads

April 2, 2012 21:34 CDT

  • 1.) NS Southern Heritage ES44AC № 8099
  • 2.) NS Conrail Heritage ES44AC № 8098
  • 3.) CSX ES44ACs № 836, 926, & 988
  • 4.) WC (ex-SOO) High End Gondola (Whethered)
  • 5.) Illinois Central SD70 № 1015